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(1/22/14) I received a call informing me of  probably the biggest win I’ve ever received!!!  I am the GRAND PRIZE winner of the Swarovski Passport to Sparkle Sweepstakes!!!!  I won $1000 worth of Swarovski jewelry AND a 5 day trip for 2 to Rio de Janiero, Brazil!!!  Included in the trip is a jeep tour of the rainforest, $1000 worth of spa services and $1000 spending money!!!!  I’m grinning from ear to ear!!!!!

My prize from the Fast Fixin's Sweepstakes!!

My prize from the Fast Fixin’s Sweepstakes!!

Yet another Goodreads win!  (7/22/13) In today’s mail, I received “Grocery Makeover – Small Changes For Big Results” by Julie Feldman, MPH, RD.  Goodness knows I can use the reminder about healthy eating.  Her book gives some great facts and doesn’t just talk about which foods we should be eating, but what specific benefits each can provide.  Hooray for Monday wins!!  (It’s a bit of a superstition, if you may, in the sweepstakes community that a Monday win guarantees another win sometime later in the week.  I’m pretty sure it’s always worked for me, even though sometimes the following win is something as small as a candy bar.  So, I’m looking forward to whatever the rest of the week will bring!!)

93.9 Sweepstakes Win

Goodies I won from a weekly online sweepstakes at the 93.9 radio station website! Yummy!

The Spiral Staircase: My Climb Out of Darkness

My very latest win, this time as a First Reads Lucky Winner from Goodreads! The Spiral Staircase: My Climb Out of Darkness by Karen Armstrong. It looks like a very interesting read! Once it arrives, watch for my review on Goodreads!

One of my favorite hobbies is entering sweepstakes and contests.   While the wins are sometimes few and far between, in my sweepstakes entering history I have won some amazing prizes that include:

  • A trip for 2 to Jamaica (Borders bookstore mail in entry)
  • A 40″ Flat Screen HDTV (Budweiser mail in entry)
  • $1000.00 Cash (Online Entry – 12 Monkeys Promotional Sweepstakes)
  • $100.00 gift card for Omaha Steaks (mail in entry – Dallas TV show promotion)
  • Trip for 2 to Nashville for a private concert by Wynonna Judd (mail in entry – Alli)
  • A Jameson branded YETI cooler from (Jameson text entry promotion)
  • A Pacifico branded showboard (text entry as well!)
  • A Pebbles (Flintstone) 50th Birthday prize package including a branded candle, speaker, fanny pack, puzzles, tumbler and snacks!
  • A package of Peeps Pepsi and a 5 pack of Peeps! (How fun!!)

I’ve also won numerous t-shirts, gift certificates for dining out, DVDs, free candy bars and other fun stuff.

If you’d like to try your hand at winning, here are two publications I subscribe to that have listings of sweepstakes to enter as well as tips to help you win!

My latest prize win from the FabOverFifty website www.faboverfifty.com, $300 worth of Barbara Lesser clothing!

My latest prize win from the FabOverFifty website http://www.faboverfifty.com, $300 worth of Barbara Lesser clothing! It only took a little effort.  I had to choose my favorite item and tell how I would wear it this summer!  I love the pieces I selected!

Sweepstakes Websites

SweepSheet – A fantastic resource with very helpful information and tips for winning!

I Win Contests – I Win Contests website.  Amazing source of information.  The website owner, Tom, offers a well organized site and also offers classes to teach how to submit winning entries on various social media sites.  I haven’t used so many of the options here, but love the ones I have.  There is an awesome sort feature so you can list only the contests and sweepstakes eligible for your state.

Sweepstakes Mania – I haven’t had a chance to really explore this site, but it’s well organized and visually appealing and had a good listing of current sweepstakes.

Helpful Links

How to Win Sweepstakes – Advice on how to make the time you spend entering more productive.


3 Responses to Sweepstakes Info

  1. Mr. Atheist says:

    Lucky! I just sent Mrs. Atheist this page. It should serve as inspiration or jealousy. I cannot predict anymore. 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Ha ha! 😃. It takes a bit of effort to be “lucky”, though 😜. It is definitely a fun hobby, though. I love the unexpected surprise aspect the most!

      • Mr. Atheist says:

        I wish I had the patience. I have only won a handful of things in life. Nothing worth mentioning. I won a free ice cream in second grade. I gave it to Tara. That is how you show your love in second grade. You give away your treat. 🙂

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