I am what is mine. Personality is the original personal property.

Norman O. Brown

Last week I took one of the free online Myers Briggs personality tests. I got the result INFJ (The Counselor). I went down the Pinterest rabbit hole after that, finding one post after another that “so perfectly” described me. I retook it today and while I got INFJ once again, I also had “VERY GOOD MATCH” with ISFJ and “GOOD MATCH” with INFP

Is this an absolutely accurate science? No, but I found the descriptions to be fairly on point with my own characteristics. I like the following website because it gives the personality type as well as a brief explanation of the results.

Mine, for example breaks down as follows:

  • 65% Introverted, 35% Extroverted (Engergized by time alone v. Energized by time with others)
  • 47% Sensing, 53% Intuition (Facts/Details v. Creative, Interpretive)
  • 28% Thinking, 72% Feeling (Head v. Heart)
  • 45% Perceiving, 55% Judging (Relaxed, spontaneous v. Orderly, scheduled)
Copied from Pinterest…..a playground for information about personality types! If you feel so inclined, follow me here:
I love to create little works of art to share with the special people in my life.
I LOVE attending live theater performances and listening to the Soundtracks or Cast recordings. This is my “My Favorite Broadway” playlist, one of many playlists on Spotify!

If any of you are so inclined and love finding out more about what makes us tick, I suggest taking the test and seeing if you think the results are accurate for you. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

About Beth W.

I try to look for the positive in the people and situations I come in contact with! I believe in the power of positive thinking and I believe that even challenging circumstances can be learning experiences if we have a positive mindset! I'm having fun blogging at:
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20 Responses to Personality

  1. Laura Kate says:

    Love your photograph of lilies of the valley. That’s a spring perennial I remember from my girlhood, and one that doesn’t grow in Oklahoma.

    • Beth W. says:

      Thank you so much, Laura Kate! Lilies of the valley are some of my all time favorites. My grandma grew them and they were beautiful and grew in thick bunches. I am hoping mine will continue to fill in. 😊 Thank you for taking the time to comment! 😊

  2. I’m also an INFJπŸ₯° but my I/E and S/F could essentially go either way. Have you ever done the Enneagram? I’m a type 1 to a tee, for better or for worse, and I think that’s actually a more helpful assessment than the MB.

  3. Bridgette says:

    I find these kind of tests so interesting and lately have been thinking about these traits for my fictional characters. It’s fun and gives me greater understanding into how they think.
    Also, I LOVE your St. Patrick’s day art!

    • Beth W. says:

      Thank you so much, Bridgette! 😊☘️😊 I have always been fascinated by these kinds of tests and just why people behave the way they do. Definitely a great idea to make use of it for your characters!Thank you so much for the nice comment on my little creations. πŸ˜πŸ’šπŸ˜

  4. kagould17 says:

    Apparently I am an ENTJ. Who knew? Hope all is well Beth. Allan

    • Beth W. says:

      Thanks for sharing, Allan! 😊 I find it fascinating and also encouraging that there are so many different types of people! It surely makes life interesting! 😊 All is well here. Just (not so) patiently waiting for spring!! Hope all is well with you! 😊

  5. I get such joy from your art, Beth. Thank you for sharing!πŸ’š

    • Beth W. says:

      Thank you SO much! πŸ’šπŸ˜ŠπŸ’š My little drawings and paintings help me to relax and quiet my mind. Thanks for your support and encouragement. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’šπŸ˜Š

  6. Good one! I am INFP.

  7. janieleeds says:

    I’m an INFJ too! πŸ™‚ I knew we understood each other well! πŸ™‚ Happy St. Patrick’s Day – love your art and photos!

    • Beth W. says:

      Oh, that is awesome, Janie! Yes, no wonder we click! 😊 Thanks so much for the sweet message! Hope your St. Paddy’s Day is going well. Mine is pretty quiet, but that is quite alright πŸ˜‰β˜˜οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ’šπŸ˜Š

  8. hbsuefred says:

    OMG I will! I kind of wonder if results change if we take them at different points in our lives.

    • Beth W. says:

      I think they absolutely could change. I seem to stay with the same thing, which seems a little strange to me. πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. 😊❀😊

      • hbsuefred says:

        Just took the test and came out as ESTP. I’ve never thought of myself as energetic or thrillseeking though maybe I am headed for that now that I’m nearly free as a bird. The descriptive name for my type was dynamo. I like all the subdescriptors except competitive, The “good ones” are lively, spontaneous, personable and direct. I’d like to think those are accurate. Makes me want to run this result by my friends and family to see if they agree or not. This turned out to be more fun than I’d expected. Though I don’t know for sure, I think this would not have been my result very often in the past.

        • Beth W. says:

          ESTP is what my boyfriend came up as. It’s funny since I am almost the opposite with INFJ. I find it very interesting, but it makes sense since we are each strong where the other one is not as strong. I would love sometimes to be more extroverted. I do enjoy the personality tests and I find this one to be fairly accurate, at least for me. 😊 Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment!

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