Choose something that scares you & just DO it! :) You’ll be glad you did (when it’s over!)

As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do. – Zachary Scott

am not afraid to admit that I am very scared of heights.  Well, maybe not so much heights, but the thought of falling from heights.  To be anywhere high without tall guard rails all around me is a panic-inducing activity for me.  Unfortunately, if I give in to my fear of heights, I risk missing some gorgeous sights.  I was lucky enough last January to be able to take a trip to Cancun and while there did a day trip to the ruins of Coba.  This ancient Mayan site is very impressive and is the place to go to see the tallest standing pyramid in the Yucatan, Nohoch Mal.  Nohoch Mal towers over the ruins of Coba at almost 140 feet tall.  Even though it’s crumbling in spots, knowing that I had the opportunity to climb a pyramid dating back to 600-900 AD was enough for me to face my fear and tell that little voice inside me which was telling me to keep my feet firmly on lower ground to hush up already!


The smile on my face masks the panic and the fact that my heartbeat felt like it was going a million beats per minute. Just thinking about letting go and crossing that five foot space to the side was enough to strike terror in me!!

I started out just fine and actually made it just about to the top without any problems.  This was probably because I was basically climbing steps, albeit small, steep ones, and not looking back.  Once I got to the point of the pyramid that required me to turn around and walk around the side to get to the plateau, the panic set in.   After what seemed like an eternity, Todd finally convinced me to let go of the rope ring and I made it (albeit by crawling) over to the side and to the vista.  The view WAS breathtaking and made me glad that I had managed to temporarily overcome my fear.


The view really WAS worth it!

Coming down was much more of a challenge for me than going up had been.  I’m sure I looked like a little baby as I scooted down on my butt, hanging on to the rope for dear life.  Pride goes out the window for me when I’m facing a descent like that one 😉  And, for me, watching the other people walk down without holding on is just about as bad because I’m imagining what one misstep would do to them.


I did it!!

I didn’t kiss the ground when I got to the bottom, but I was VERY happy to be back!  I don’t know that I would do it again, but I am proud to say that I did live to tell the tale of climbing the Nohoch Mal pyramid!!

What frightens you, and what steps can you take to overcome your fear?

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I try to look for the positive in the people and situations I come in contact with! I believe in the power of positive thinking and I believe that even challenging circumstances can be learning experiences if we have a positive mindset! I'm having fun blogging at:
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2 Responses to Choose something that scares you & just DO it! :) You’ll be glad you did (when it’s over!)

  1. ignitinghope says:

    I was glad that you faced your fears… two years in a row!!! You will have to tell your readers about the time you went zip lining through the jungles of the Dominican Republic!! Thanks for sharing about overcoming our fears! 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Ah yes, and the VERY tall, rickety tower! One more experience I’m glad (and relieved) I lived through! That will be a story for another day 😉

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